Nature Trails

Visit more than three miles of nature trails adapted from the remains of early settler paths and farmering roads.  Come to learn, respect, and adore nature.

Protecting the Forest

The Arboretum is home to some of the largest trees in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.  Seek out the record breaking Tulip Poplar Trees and wonder at the Beech and Black Walnuts.

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​The Peiffer Memorial Nature Preserve Inc. in New Cumberland, Pennsylvania is an arboretum and wildlife preserve.


Pictured above is the Arboretum Welcoming Center designed after the historic Caleb Pusey Home built in 1683 in Upland, Pennsylvania.

Preserving History

See one of the first "refrigerators" on the West Shore: A restored spring house built in 1776 by William Black, an early settler of Cumberland County.

Honoring Evelyn G. Sharp

Come and learn about an amazing aviatrix.  Two memorials have been constructed honoring a WASP pilot who perished in a P-38 crash on the property in 1944.  Forgotten in Pennsylvania for 75 years, her dedication, sacrifice and memory are now immortalized on our land and stones.


The Howard and Rosemarie Peiffer Memorial Arboretum and Nature Preserve was officially dedicated August 5, 2018.  The preserve is comprised of approximately 35 acres of woodlands in Lower Allen Township and New Cumberland, Pennsylvania.